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 Regullat e Forumit !!

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PostSubject: Regullat e Forumit !!   04.02.10 21:47

Regullat E Forumit Anaconda/Rules of Forum Anaconda

Rules in English Language

1).The languages of Anaconda are Albanian and English, and nothing else.

2).Please make sure you post in the correct forum.

3).Search before you post to prevent duplicate topics.

4).Say a thanks in the thread if you download something good or use the THNX button.

5).Help out the new members if they are unsure or need assistance.

6).This is a community, no flaming is appreciated, or allowed.

7).All links to other sites must be coded. No live links allowed except for links to internal pages.

Cool.Referral links of any kind, are not allowed.

9).Dont write in capitals,because it looks like you're screaming.

10).Its prohibited to post threads with racist content,anything related with religions and political viewes.

Regullat ne gjuhen Shqipe. Nese gabon 3 her mund te perjashtohesh

1) - Nuk lejohen fjala ofenduese ne forum,ndryshe mer 1 verejtje
2) - Nese ben spam web neper pm mer banned
3) - Nese beni poste me foto XxX merni 1 verejtje
4) - Nese sillesh keq me antaret mer 2 veretje
5) - Me antaret e staffit nuk duhet te ziheni
6) - Sduhet te postoni poste qe ne foto ka reklam
7) - Ne signature sdueht te ket reklam !
Cool - Mos postoni me autoposter se merni bann !!
9) - Ndihmoni antaret e rinj neqoftese jane te pasigurte dhe kan nevoj per ndihme
10) - Gjuhet e Anacondaes jane Shqip dhe Anglisht
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Regullat e Forumit !!
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